An insight is a piece of information that provides a deeper understanding of user behaviour or the market in relation to your product. Insights can be gathered from a variety of sources, including user research, data analysis, and customer feedback.

Insights are important because they can help to inform product decisions. For example, an insight about how users are using a product can help to identify new opportunities for product development.

An example insight generated from product data, in the Beyond inbox.

Insights in Beyond

There are two main types of insights: quantitative insights and qualitative insights. The insights that Beyond generates are quanititative insights, based on data and measurable. These come from analysis that Beyond performs on your product data and other sources.

Qualitative insights are based on subjective information, such as user feedback or observations. These can also be added to the Beyond platform manually in order to reinforce quantitative insights and support opportunities.

The structure of an insight

Each insight has a short title and a longer description of what it means and why is it important. Beyond will also include relevant infographics when possible to give context and explain the way the insight was generated.

Insights also have a confidence rating. For insights generated by Beyond, this reflects the number of data points that were available to generate the insight and indicates how sure Beyond is of the analysis it has done. For insights added manually by you or your team, the confidence should reflect how certain you are of the insight based on the source.