Integrating with Beyond

Beyond integrates with your data analytics platform to generate insights about your product and how your users behave. Depending on the platform that you use, the instructions for setting up the integration are different.

Using Mixpanel

Beyond uses service accounts to integrate with Mixpanel. This allows you to control access to your data from within Mixpanel and enable/disable Beyond's access to your data at any time.

To setup a service account, go to the "Settings" panel within your Mixpanel proejct and click on the "Service Accounts" tab. You then need to create a new service account and enter the following details:

  • Set the name of the service account. We recommend "Beyond", so you  can easily recognise it later.
  • Set the role for the service account. This needs to be "Consumer" for Beyond to have the correct access.

Once the service account is set up, you can add the details to Beyond. This requires the service account username and secret key and the project ID. To find the project ID, go to the "Settings" panel within Mixpanel and click on the "Overview" tab. The project ID is listed within the Project Details table.